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Wide Area Networking

We have setup WAN at various Corporate Houses where VPN connections were used. From regional or branch offices transferring all the data to head office using a router to control Data bandwidth. We have setup File Server for Site and Branch offices. We have also setup Linux & Mail Server consisting various Send Mail and specimen features were used for the Standard Mail Server setup.

Local Area Networking

With our long association with Microsoft and Novell we have a tremendous depth of expertise to setup LANs of any complexity for our clients. Our expertise covers Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Advance server, Novel NetWare, Linux and SCO UNIX.

Remote Access Service

We have implemented RAS based solutions for leading Indian multinationals to connect their offices across the country and integrate their branch offices with their head office system. This has helped companies achieve true automation of their business by hastening collective information retrieval at a marginal cost.

Internet Hosting

We also host websites for our clients at a very attractive rate. The hosting enables all employees to have personal email addresses, web access to emails, e-business website, shopping cart, SQL database, multimedia content, streaming media, forms processing, search engine placement.

Domain Registration

We register top-level domains for our clients at a very attractive rate. Internet Hosting includes domain registration for one year as a free service to our clients.



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